KAI Diamond Knife Sharpener with Unilateral Cutting

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Do you want to have your knives always sharp like new? Then try the KAI diamond sharpener! With three sharpening steps, it's perfect for restoring the edge of dull knives. And the best part: it's easy to use, without needing to adjust the angle. Don't waste any more time with sharpeners that don't work. Get the KAI diamond sharpener now and have knives always sharp and ready for use!

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KAI Diamond Sharpening for knife blades. Revive sharpening in three steps! The user-friendly sharpener does not require angle adjustment, making it very convenient for daily use. Many people find some items unsatisfactory when it comes to sharpening knives that have lost their edge or when seeking true sharpness. KAI has created this sharpener to address these dissatisfactions! It comes with three different types of sharpening stones in a single piece, and by using them in order, it's possible to easily revive the edge of knives that have lost their sharpness.

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Detalhes do produto

Origem: Japão
Materiais: Corpo: Resina ABS (Temperatura Resistente ao Calor 80°C), Tampa Transparente: Resina AS (Temperatura Resistente ao Calor 70°C), Pés de Borracha: Resina Elastômera (Temperatura Resistente ao Calor 70°C), Pedra de Afiar: Pedra de Afiar de Diamante, Pedra de Afiar Cerâmica
Tamanho: 117 x 45 x 50mm